Rent A Game Server

The idea is simple really, you rent a server from us and it will helps keep this website alive 🙂

A monthly PayPal Subscription will get you a game server of your choice for you and your friends to play on. The little bit of money we make from this venture will pay for the website hosting and domain registration. We’ll even give you an SSH login to modify config files, restart the game, apply patches, setup monitoring etc. Simply choose from one of the following games (most powered by Steam) and please make sure you have a compatible (fully legal and fully patched) client locally.

Setup your monthly subscription below. Once done, we’ll fire up your a Linux Server for you, set up the game and email you the details when it’s ready. If you decide to cancel your subscription at any time we’ll simply destroy the server instance and no hard feelings!

Be sure to set your server RAM. As a rule of thumb, we generally use 1GB for every 8 players (including spectators) we want our servers to support. Some games, for example Half-Life, Day of Defeat and Counter-Strike, also have a Source version. If you would prefer to use this engine for your game, please choose the appropriate option below.

Note that our servers are provided by altFIRE Technologies, so it is their name that will appear on your bill.


Get a FREE TeamSpeak Server here so you can chat during the game!

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