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The last ever Irish Quakeworld server is alive and well at PLAY.QUAKE.IE – connect with your favourite client for some instant action!

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That’s right, we archived the entire website just before it came offline forever in 2011. It’s fully browseable and waiting for you!

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See what LAN Parties are coming up in your area, where you can play Quake, drink beer and eat pizza all night… basically party like it’s 1999!

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An elegant game for a more civilized age…

Ireland’s once thriving Quakeworld scene was mainly dedicated to the clan arena mod, for which many leagues were held. Over the years the community dwindled and eventually was taken offline in 2011.

These days LAN Parties pop-up, party all night, then they’re gone in the morning like Keyser Söze.. use this website to make sure you don’t miss one in your area!

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